Tooth Crown Jacksonville | What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

where is the best tooth crown Jacksonville?
Tooth Crown Jacksonville | What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Did you know that a tooth crown Jacksonville comes in more than one form? We’re talking about this fixed prosthetic device that’s cemented directly onto an individual’s existing teeth or implant. Aside from the fact that Dental crowns help improve your smile, they also protect weak teeth that have suffered decay or breakage restore broken teeth, support teeth that have large fillings, cover teeth discoloration, set dental bridges in place, and cover dental implants. Since it can be used in various ways, it’s important to know and understand its different types as well as the functions they serve.

Base Metal Alloys

This tooth crown Jacksonville is made up of non-noble metals that are highly resistant to corrosion but are extremely gentle against the neighboring teeth. It requires the removal of only a minimum amount of tooth structure prior to fitting.

Gold Alloys

This type of tooth crown Jacksonville has a combination of gold, copper, and other metals. Compared to the other types, this one doesn’t fracture and it won’t wear away its underlying tooth. In case you’re wondering, gold alloys are completely biocompatible with your gum tissue.

Porcelain-Fused to Metal

Do you want to have a natural-looking tooth crown Jacksonville that can last for a very long time? If your answer is a resounding, “YES!”, then consider getting porcelain-fused to metal dental crowns. You can have the best of both worlds with this type because its porcelain part makes it look like a natural tooth while its metal structure makes it ultra-durable. In order to properly apply this prosthetic device, your dental health provider must remove a moderate amount of your tooth structure.


When you need to have your front teeth restored, your best option would be ceramic, porcelain-based tooth crowns. They blend well with your natural teeth because of their natural texture and color. They can even be given a hint of color to perfectly match your remaining teeth. Since ceramic can eventually become brittle when it’s exposed to heavy biting forces, note that this type isn’t recommended for pre-molars and molars.

where is good tooth crown Jacksonville?

Tooth Crown Jacksonville – Learn More About It!

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