General Care

General Care

Our team is committed to providing our patients the best dental experience possible. Each patient matters to us – they are the reason we are here. We strive to exceed your expectations not just meet them. No two patients are alike, and we work to provide you a truly “individualized” dental care appointment.

Dr. Schumacher takes many hours of continuing education, to stay ahead of the trends and to be assured that we are offering the right treatment for your personal dental health goals. He knows that what is “right” for one patient, may not suit the next. He knows our patients want results that last as long as possible – not just look good today.

We have been “digital” with our xrays, for several years – greatly reducing the exposure patients receive during their necessary xrays.

The Wand (non “needle” anesthesia) means no more of what we remember as the ”shot” at the dentist. Patients report they have much less soreness or tenderness after treatment at the site of anesthesia. Waterlase laser care and virtual impressions also make dental visits for our patients more & more comfortable.

Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide are available to help patients who suffer from anxiety during dental appointments – if you have had a ”bad” dental experience in the past, please talk to us about this so Dr. Schumacher can recommend what can help you best. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can help you through the anesthesia or through the full appointment. Oral sedation can help you ”relax” to the level of disregard for the procedures you are having done – it doesn’t put you to sleep – but it has helped many, many patients face dental treatment and/or complete more treatment in one appointment.

Our office offers services for regular dental care and exams, as well as non-surgical periodontal treatment. Worried about bad breath? Our hygienists will work with you to find the cause and help you to reduce this problem – one that most people have, but don’t talk about.

Has it been a long time since you’ve had your teeth cleaned? Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? Are you worried that you may have ”pyorrhea” like your parents or grandparents had? There are ways Dr. Schumacher and his hygienists can help you with this without referral to a specialist – or periodontist. For many patients, removing the source of the infection and close monitoring is the first step. Non-surgical gum care involves thoroughly cleansing the root surfaces of the teeth to remove the infection where deep gum & bone pockets are present (periodontal disease). Like with high blood pressure, patients with periodontal conditions, need close monitoring to help them control this disease.

Oral Cancer is ever increasing and Dr. Schumacher and team will do a thorough oral cancer exam during your dental examination appointments. They can show you what to look for yourself – when does a bump or lump warrant concern? When should it be biopsied or when should you see an oral surgeon to investigate further? We want our patients to be listening to their own bodies – watching for changes and feeling comfortable about talking with us about any questions or concerns. Do you have a question? ASK us – please.