How often do I really need to see the dentist or hygienist?

Did you know that there are 46 areas to evaluate according to the National Guidelines for the need for x-rays, not to mention the need for professional cleanings?

With the increased awareness of the direct connection with the body's general health and oral health, along with the side effects of many of the daily medications many of us are taking - decay and gum problems haven’t disappeared. Careful consideration of your past dental history, current health and medications, homecare and stress factors allow us to customize the proper timeframe for all of our patients dental visits.

We would be happy to discuss this further based on your personal profile. Just ask!

Why should I have to always be bothered to update information at the dentist?

We learn more and more about the connection of our body's health and our dental/oral health. Many medical conditions, treatments and medicines have direct impact on our mouth. We want to be your partner and the information helps us to best assess your risk factors and conditions.

Do you “take my insurance”?

The office is happy to assist our patients with maximizing their dental insurance and we will work with any insurance plan that allows you to choose your dentist! We have been working with dental insurance electronically to speed up your response and information time. Ask if you have any question we can help you with. We are happy to help - we know dental insurance is something you work hard to earn, we don't want you to lose it.

What “lists” are Dr. Schumacher on?

Currently Dr. Schumacher is a preferred provider with Delta Dental Premier and CIGNA Radius Network. Delta PPO patients also receive some savings due to his Delta Premier connection. The practice frequently re-evaluates other dental plans - looking for plans that are not restricting his ability to recommend the best treatment options for each patient based on what he sees during examination - not going by what the insurance will pay for.

If he isn’t on my plan - how can I afford to treatment in your office?

Great question! We have found that many of the "list" dental plans really pay close to the same in our office as in a “participating” office. So there may not be much difference in how your insurance will cover your care. Plus we work with all patients to maximize insurance and manage costs and find affordable payment options.

Are dental implants covered by dental insurance?

Dental insurance varies greatly. You’ve probably noticed this if you've had for several years. Insurance companies may cover different things for each employer - depending on what the employer is looking for to keep costs and services in line for their employee group.

Some plans do cover implants (the placement) and some only cover for the crown or partial, etc on the implants. Still other plans do not cover anything. Let’s check it out together.

My dental insurance only covers how much a year!!!

So many people are caught by surprise when they finally get dental insurance - planning to fix up their dental health and then discover they only have $750 - $1500 a year to work with (and these maximums are the same as they were 30 years ago!). Dental insurance is very different from medical insurance - really more of a “rebate” than insurance. Using Flex or Health spending account money if your plan allows it to be used for dental care - may help you.

What or Who is CareCredit Financing and Citi Health Card?

These companies are great options for many patients - with or without insurance. You may have seen CareCredit at your vet’s office, or if you had Lasik eye surgery or cosmetic procedures. This company works with many health care providers to offer SAC (same as cash - no finance charge) options and affordable extended payment plans. We ALWAYS urge patients to closely read and consider the timeframe they choose to make sure they do not incur higher fees or rates by going beyond the number of months set up. Citi Health Card is through CitiGroup and deals with medical and dental service providers in many parts of the country as well.

Currently Dr. Schumacher pays the costs to be able to offer patients 6, 12, and 18 months same as cash through these companies. (Some treatment may also be eligible for 24 months SAC). There are also plans for 24, 36 & 48 months - check out their websites for current financing rates. Invisalign cases have a special rate as well. You can call or apply online - just bring us your account number when you are approved.