Dentist Jacksonville Florida | Jaw-Dropping Facts About TMD

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Dentist Jacksonville Florida | Jaw-Dropping Facts About TMD

Everything in your life was normal until your jaw joints begin to make a clicking sound whenever you close or open your mouth. Worse, they may even feel ‘stuck’ sometimes. If your normally functioning jaw joints start to exhibit any of these symptoms, you’ll need to see your dentist Jacksonville Florida as soon as you can.

What is TMD?

The joints that connect your lower jawbone to the temporal bone of your skull are called your TMJ (temporomandibular joints). These can be found immediately in front of your ears. When a person has TMD (temporomandibular disorder), it means that he has problems with the muscle, ligaments, bone, and the surrounding tissues of your TMJ. Essentially, TMD refers to a group of conditions that lead to pain and dysfunction in your jaw.

What are the Symptoms of TMD?

Although the signs and symptoms for TMD can vary, these may include TMJs that lock open or closed, migraines and headaches, weird popping, clicking or grating sounds coming from your TMJ every time you open or close your mouth, condylar degeneration, toothache, cartilage degeneration in the TMJ space, sinus pain, muscle aches on your shoulders neck as well as damaged, cracked, broken, and badly worn teeth.

How Many People Have TMD?

According to research, 9 to 13% of the United States population is suffering from various TMD-related facial pain. It mostly affects women and it usually develops during the teen years and peaks when a person is 20 to 40 years of age. Although some people claim that they’ve ‘grown out of’ TMD symptoms when they were in their 40’s, it can last for a whole lifetime.

where is the best dentist jacksonville florida?

Your Dentist Jacksonville Florida Can Help You

Know that the longer your symptoms are present, the longer it may take for your condition to improve. If you’re struggling with TMD, know that your dentist Jacksonville Florida can help you. Contact Schumacher Dental today to set up an appointment.

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