CEREC Jacksonville | Reasons Why CEREC Crowns Can Make Your Life Easier

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CEREC Jacksonville | Reasons Why CEREC Crowns Can Make Your Life Easier

Dental crowns have become common nowadays because they provide an awesome solution for a lot of dental issues. Aside from the fact that they protect, cover, and restore a person’s smile, they also serve to maintain a healthy environment inside the mouth. If you’re planning to get a dental crown, you’ll need to learn more about the reasons why CEREC Jacksonville same-day crowns can make your life a lot easier.

CEREC Crowns are Permanent

Gone are the days when you’ll need to wear a temporary crown while waiting for the production of your permanent crown. Since these temporary crowns aren’t designed to be exactly similar to your permanent one, they’re not that comfortable to wear. In most cases, they’re smaller in size compared to permanent crowns.

Requires No Waiting Period

One of the disadvantages of getting standard dental crowns is that you’ll be required to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown for about two weeks while your permanent crown is being produced in the laboratory. Once it is finished, you’ll need to head back to the dentist’s office for your second appointment when your temporary crown will be replaced by the permanent one. On the other hand, with CEREC Jacksonville dental crowns, you’ll get your dental crowns on the same day! You won’t have to get more time off of work to show up on a second appointment. While you sit in the dental chair, your permanent dental crown will be custom-crafted by your dentist using modern digital imaging equipment before it’s forwarded to the milling machine.

Comfortable to Wear

You won’t have to worry about painful chewing and biting with CEREC Jacksonville crowns because unlike temporary crowns, they’ll perfectly fit you. For this reason, they won’t irritate your gums.

what is Cerec Jacksonville?

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CEREC Jacksonville Crowns will definitely make your life a lot easier because it provides you with the comfort you deserve, and you won’t even have to wait! If you need more information about CEREC Jacksonville crowns, contact Schumacher Dental to schedule an appointment today.

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