CEREC Jacksonville | FAQs About CEREC Crowns

what is cerec jacksonville?
CEREC Jacksonville | FAQs About CEREC Crowns

Most dental procedures that involve replacing missing or damaged teeth often take time. For instance, receiving a traditional crown would mean getting a lengthy treatment. Thanks to modern dental technology, patients no longer have to wait for months before they get their smiles back if they choose to get CEREC Jacksonville same-day crowns. If you’re not familiar with CEREC Jacksonville same-day crowns, take a look at the answers to these FAQs that could help you make the right decisions with your dentist’s recommendation.

What’s the Difference Between Traditional Crowns and CEREC Jacksonville Same-Day Crowns?

CEREC means Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Instead of using conventional crowns, a CEREC crown is an alternative capping method that’s used to fix damaged teeth. Unlike conventional crowns that need to be fabricated in an offsite laboratory, CEREC Jacksonville crowns are milled in a qualified dental practitioner’s office. While dental molds are required to create traditional crowns, CEREC crowns are made with the use of x-ray and digital-imaging references. Most patients prefer the newer technology because the mold-taking procedure causes some degree of discomfort. Same-day crowns are more convenient than the traditional ones because they get finished in a single appointment whereas, conventional crowns require them to wear temporary crowns between a fitting appointment and a placement appointment.

When are They Used?

Dentists usually recommend CEREC Jacksonville same-day crowns in situations where a ceramic crown is appropriate to protect teeth that have sustained extensive damage due to advanced decay or internal treatment such as an injury or a root canal.

what are cerec jacksonville?

Looking for Information About CEREC Jacksonville?

Do you need a crown? It’s best to ask the experts at Schumacher Dental if a CEREC Jacksonville same-day crown is the right solution to your dental problem. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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