What Exactly is Sleep Apnea?

April 3, 2020

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Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that can become potentially dangerous. It is characterized by breathing that stops and starts repeatedly. People who have it snore loudly and feel tired and sleepy even after long hours of sleep. Although this can be treated with a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine, your dentist Jacksonville Florida can provide you with a simple dental device that can help you address this problem.

What You Need to Know About Sleep Apnea

Who is at Risk for Sleep Apnea?

Although this condition can affect any person at any age, there are certain predisposing factors that can cause a person to have sleep apnea. These include being male, being overweight, being 40 years old and over, having a large tongue, large tonsils, and a small jaw bone, having a neck size that is more than 17 inches for men and more than 16 inches in women, having a family history of the disorder, nasal obstruction due to allergies, deviated septum or sinus issues.

What are Health Problems that Can Result from Sleep Apnea?

If sleep apnea is left unaddressed, it can increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, heart attacks, irregular heartbeats, depression, diabetes, and headaches. Also, the person who has tends to perform poorly in their daily activities at school and work. When sleep apnea affects children and adolescents, they tend to exhibit academic underachievement.

What are the Oral Appliances that Can Effectively Treat Sleep Apnea?

As mentioned earlier, CPAP machines aren’t for everyone because some people are not comfortable with the idea of wearing masks. Since ignoring this sleeping disorder can do a lot of damage to your health, it’s best to look for alternative solutions such as an oral appliance that you can wear over your teeth.

See a Dentist Jacksonville Florida!

If you’re interested to know more about oral appliances that can relieve you of sleep apnea’s symptoms, call Schumacher Dental to schedule a consultation.

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