One Day Crowns Jacksonville | What are the Benefits of One Day Crowns?

February 26, 2019

Unlike before, folks who need to have their cracked, chipped, and damaged teeth won’t have to make several trips to their dentist’s clinic. Thanks to one day crowns Jacksonville, they can all have a natural-looking healthy smile in just a single visit! This is good news to patients with busy schedules who want to sidestep the whole lengthy process of getting traditional crowns to fix their damaged tooth problems. We want to help you make a wise decision that’s why we compiled the list of benefits you’ll get to enjoy when you get the crowns on the same day you walked into your dentist’s office.

You Get Immediate Results

Traditional crowns require at least two weeks of waiting. However, you can eliminate this downtime if you decide to enjoy same day technology. In other words, you’ll get to have more work done as soon as possible after a dental emergency without interrupting your daily routine.

Single Appointment Needed

We understand that value of your time that’s why with one day crowns, you won’t have to take plenty of days off work to receive dental treatment. You’ll only need to schedule a single visit to an emergency dentist!

No Need to Use a Temporary Crown

One day crowns Jacksonville eliminates the risk of temporary crowns getting easily broken or falling off before the final traditional crowns are finally applied.

It Protects Your Tooth

During the wait time, you won’t have to worry about your teeth becoming injured or infected because you’ll be receiving permanent one day crowns Jacksonville as soon as possible. Furthermore, since the possibility of having complications with these crowns are slim, you won’t have to be back in your dentist’s chair.

Get Your One Day Crowns Jacksonville Today!

If you know that you need one day crowns Jacksonville, there’s no reason to waste time. Contact Schumacher Dental now to schedule an appointment.

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