Facts You Need to Know About One Day Crowns

June 18, 2020

Most people are clueless about one day crowns in Jacksonville. Since a large number of patients don’t even know that these exist, it’s not surprising to find out that many are understandably uninformed. If you’ve recently lost a tooth or two, you’ll need to get your facts straight about one day crowns.

Facts About One Day Crowns Every Patient Should Know

They’re Made and Placed in a Single Day

Gone are the days when patients had to wait for weeks while their dental crowns are being made at an off-site dental laboratory. With today’s advanced technology, it only takes a single appointment to get your healthy and beautiful smile back. In other words, you won’t have to leave your dentist’s office while these are being made.

You Won’t Need a Temporary Crown

Traditional crowns require the use of temporary crowns until the permanent crowns are completed. Since a weak type of adhesive is used to put the temporary crowns in place, they tend to fall out or fit badly. Some patients complain that they have difficulty chewing because of their temporary crowns. The worst part is, they have to endure this for several weeks until their permanent crowns are done. With one day crowns, you can do away with temporary crowns because you can have your new crowns placed in a single day.

They’re Designed with Precision

If you think that one day crowns are easily damaged, think again. Aside from the fact that they’re made of strong material that’s very much similar to your natural tooth enamel, the process of creating them involves the use of a computer-aided design and manufacturing software that’s highly precise. You can rest easy knowing that your one-day crowns will come out perfectly.

Learn More About One Day Crowns in Jacksonville!

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