Inject Youth into Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

October 4, 2021

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Being a vampire must be great since they never age and have superhuman abilities.

What’s that you say? True, the drinking blood part is a major bummer.

At least you can have the eternally youthful smile of a vampire – minus the fangs – thanks to the wonders of cosmetic dentistry! Keep reading to discover the problems it can address and the options your dentist has to help you look younger.

What are Some of the Dental Problems that Develop with Age?

Aging can show in your smile, but some signs are easier to prevent than others:

  • Darkened or yellow teeth: As people age, the underlying tooth layer thickens to change the tooth’s color.
  • Crooked teeth: When gum tissue develops problems, the gumline can recede and teeth no longer remain in their original positions.
  • Worn-down teeth: Grinding and chewing can erode enamel and compromise the structure of teeth.
  • Dingy teeth: Tobacco smoke or pigmented beverages can hasten this change.
  • Fragile teeth: Teeth become increasingly brittle, leading to cracks, chips, and shearing.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Help My Smile?

Your dentist provides a variety of treatments to fit your needs:

  • Invisalign: The thought of wearing metal braces may be too much for some patients,but Invisalign clear braces give you a discreet and convenient option.
  • Gum recontouring: It is possible to surgically remove excess gum tissue so that the entire tooth can be seen to enhance your smile.
  • Teeth whitening: If you are dealing with stains or dull discoloration of your teeth, whitening treatments from your dentist are significantly more effective than alternatives. Plus, you can choose between in-office whitening or a take-home kit.
  • Porcelain veneers: These customized restorations are ultra-thin, very lifelike, stain-resistant, built to last, and can be placed in as few as two appointments.They can alter the size or shape of your teeth.
  • Metal-free dental restorations: With modern dental materials, crowns can not only be used to repair severely damaged teeth, they can enhance misshapen or undersized teeth, too. CEREC technology allows a patient to get a custom porcelain crown in a single visit that fits perfectly and looks natural.

Everyone gets older, but your smile doesn’t have to go along for the ride. Your cosmetic dentist has the treatment that is right for you, so don’t wait to schedule your consultation!

About the Author

Dr. James Schumacher has been a proud member of the Jacksonville community since 1995. He became interested in dentistry back in high school when he was getting a filling from his family dentist. He decided to investigate the possibility of going to dental school and the rest is history. Dr. Schumacher has been featured in Jacksonville Magazine’s TOP Dentists since 2013. From porcelain veneers to Invisalign and more, Dr. Schumacher can discuss all of his cosmetic dentistry treatments with you. To schedule a consultation, visit his website or call (904) 388-3559.

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