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February 26, 2020

Statistics show that in the United States alone, about 26 million people struggle with diabetes. Almost everybody has heard about diabetes and how extremely important it is to have this medical condition treated as quickly as possible before it causes problems throughout the patient’s body. Unfortunately, one of the most common areas it affects is the mouth. The best dentist Jacksonville would want you to learn more about how diabetes affects your dental health.

Common Questions Asked About Oral Health and Diabetes

How Does Diabetes Affect the Body?

In case you’re not aware, your body is fueled by the food that turns into sugar after you consume it. When a person has diabetes, their body’s ability to process glucose or sugar is greatly affected by the disease. If they have Type 1 diabetes, their body doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is the hormone that’s responsible for transporting glucose from the blood to your body’s cells so that they can use it for energy. On the other hand, those who have Type 2 diabetes have lost their body’s ability to respond to insulin. Both types lead to high blood sugar levels that could seriously affect other parts of the body.

How Does Diabetes Affect Oral Health?

Did you know that when glucose levels are high, the mouth becomes an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive? For this reason, diabetics with elevated sugar levels hare vulnerable to dental health issues that include tooth decay, saliva gland dysfunction, periodontal disease, oral infections, and delayed healing. Due to the fact that they’re prone to these common conditions that are associated with diabetes, their dentists advise them to take extra good care of their teeth and gums and to watch out for signs of bleeding gums, dry mouth, thrush, pus between the teeth and gums, tender or swollen gums, halitosis, and taste in the mouth.

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