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who offers the best cerec jacksonville?
What are the Untold Benefits of CEREC?

If you want nothing more than to hide your dental flaws that may include discoloration, gaps, cracks or even crooked teeth, the best solution would have to be the placement of same-day CEREC Jacksonville crowns. Gone are the days when people had to wait for several weeks to have their new teeth placed. With the technological advances in the field of dentistry, you can get them fitted and designed in a single visit.

who offers the best cerec jacksonville?

What are the Benefits of CEREC Dental Crowns?

It’s a More Convenient Option

Unlike traditional crowns that would require you to have two dental appointments and weeks of waiting while your new crown is being created in the dental lab, CEREC dental crowns will only take less than a day to be ready. It makes use of the CAM/CAD technology that has the ability to fabricate your dental crown while you’re sitting on the dentist’s chair. In other words, you won’t have to wait for a long time to get your best smile back.

They’re Strong and Durable

Contrary to what others may assume, the fact that same-day CEREC dental crowns are made in one dental visit doesn’t make them weaker than traditional dental crowns. It’s made of a strong material that allows it to last for many years.

They Address Simple Dental Issues

Same-day CEREC dental crowns can effectively address a missing filling, a chipped tooth, gaps between your teeth, a crooked and discolored smile, and other minor dental woes. People who don’t need to have a great deal of dental work done can be the perfect candidates for CEREC crowns.

They Can Preserve More of Your Natural Tooth

With same-day CEREC crowns, the dentists won’t have to eliminate a large portion of your tooth. This implies that less drilling needs to be done and the majority of your natural tooth will be preserved.

who offers the best cerec jacksonville?

Do You Need Same-Day CEREC Jacksonville Crowns?

If you want to correct your dental flaws with same-day CEREC Jacksonville crowns, contact Schumacher Dental today to schedule an appointment.

who offers the best dentist jacksonville?
Best Dentist Jacksonville | Top Questions About Oral Health and Diabetes

Statistics show that in the United States alone, about 26 million people struggle with diabetes. Almost everybody has heard about diabetes and how extremely important it is to have this medical condition treated as quickly as possible before it causes problems throughout the patient’s body. Unfortunately, one of the most common areas it affects is the mouth. The best dentist Jacksonville would want you to learn more about how diabetes affects your dental health.

who offers the best dentist jacksonville?

Common Questions Asked About Oral Health and Diabetes

How Does Diabetes Affect the Body?

In case you’re not aware, your body is fueled by the food that turns into sugar after you consume it. When a person has diabetes, their body’s ability to process glucose or sugar is greatly affected by the disease. If they have Type 1 diabetes, their body doesn’t produce enough insulin. Insulin is the hormone that’s responsible for transporting glucose from the blood to your body’s cells so that they can use it for energy. On the other hand, those who have Type 2 diabetes have lost their body’s ability to respond to insulin. Both types lead to high blood sugar levels that could seriously affect other parts of the body.

How Does Diabetes Affect Oral Health?

Did you know that when glucose levels are high, the mouth becomes an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive? For this reason, diabetics with elevated sugar levels hare vulnerable to dental health issues that include tooth decay, saliva gland dysfunction, periodontal disease, oral infections, and delayed healing. Due to the fact that they’re prone to these common conditions that are associated with diabetes, their dentists advise them to take extra good care of their teeth and gums and to watch out for signs of bleeding gums, dry mouth, thrush, pus between the teeth and gums, tender or swollen gums, halitosis, and taste in the mouth.

who offers the best dentist jacksonville?

See the Best Dentist Jacksonville!

If you have diabetes and are looking for the best dentist Jacksonville who can give you top-quality dental care, contact Schumacher Dental to schedule an appointment.

who offers the best dental bridge jacksonville?
Dental Bridge Jacksonville | Different Types of Dental Bridges

Before you get any dental work done, it’s extremely important to know more about the procedure so that you can make an informed choice. Perhaps your dentist has recently recommended the placement of a dental bridge Jacksonville to replace your missing teeth. This refers to a fixed dental restoration that the dentist uses to replace one missing tooth or more. The dental bridge joins the artificial tooth/teeth to the adjacent dental implants or natural teeth. Dental bridges come in different types. The dentist will recommend the type that best suits your needs. Here’s all you need to know about the different types of dental bridges.

who offers a dental bridge jacksonville?

What are the Different Types of Dental Bridges?


The traditional dental bridge comprises a false tooth that is securely anchored by dental crowns. Furthermore, these are attached to the patient’s surrounding natural teeth. This option is usually recommended for individuals who have strong and healthy teeth on both sides of their missing teeth.


The cantilever shares similar qualities with the traditional dental bridge except for the fact that it doesn’t need to be attached to two neighboring teeth. If you don’t want to have your healthy surrounding teeth trimmed down for bridge attachment, the cantilever is your best bet because it only needs one tooth to hold it in place.


With Maryland, the dentist won’t have to attach a dental crown to the surrounding teeth because the bridge makes use of a porcelain or metal framework to position itself.

Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

This type requires the placement of dental implants that will replace the roots of the patient’s natural teeth. The implant will serve as an anchor for the dental bridge to make it more stable and durable.

what does a dental bridge jacksonville?

What Type of a Dental Bridge Jacksonville is the Right Choice for You?

If you need to know which of these dental bridge Jacksonville types is perfect for you, schedule an appointment with Schumacher Dental today. Call us now.

who offers the best wisdom teeth removal jacksonville fl?
Wisdom Teeth Removal Jacksonville FL | When Do Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Extracted?

The third set of molars usually makes their grand entrance when a person reaches the age of 17. Aside from the fact that wisdom teeth are obsolete and practically useless, they can also be a nuisance when their growth causes the alignment of your teeth and jaw to shift. For such cases, wisdom teeth removal Jacksonville FL is recommended by dental practitioners to address this issue. In case you’re not sure if you need yours to be extracted, check out these signs.

who offers wisdom teeth removal jacksonville fl?

Common Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Pain and Sensitivity in the Back of Your Mouth

Do you feel pain and discomfort in the back of your mouth every time you eat or brush your teeth? If you do, consider this as an obvious indication of a much-needed wisdom tooth extraction. You don’t have to spend another day writhing in pain or feeling that slight throbbing sensation. Have them checked by your dentist right away.

Inflammation Around Your Gums

One of the telltale signs that a wisdom tooth is about to erupt is when your gums become reddish and swollen along your gum line. This inflammation makes it challenging for you to properly brush your teeth because the gum line becomes sore when touched.

Development of Cysts Over Time

Ignoring the existence of your troublesome wisdom teeth will lead to the development of cysts in your mouth over time. These cysts look like sacs that have fluid inside them. When the cysts get bigger, they can potentially cause damage to the roots of your neighboring teeth.

Stiffness and Pain in the Jaw

As your wisdom teeth shift your teeth and jawline, you might feel a certain degree of stiffness and pain. You might also experience some limitations when you attempt to open or move your mouth and jaw.

Sinus Problems

If you experience sinus congestion or pressure and pain with your sinuses, you’ll need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

what is wisdom teeth removal jacksonville fl?

Curious to Know More About Wisdom Teeth Removal Jacksonville FL?

There’s no better person to ask about wisdom teeth removal Jacksonville FL than the experts at Schumacher Dental. Call us now to schedule an appointment!

who is the best at jacksonville fl teeth whitening?
Jacksonville FL Teeth Whitening | In-Office Procedure or At-Home Kits?

Before you even think about brightening up your dinghy smile, it’s extremely important to get more information about your possible options. Should you choose Jacksonville FL teeth whitening in your dentist’s office or should you just purchase a do-it-yourself kit? To help you get your facts straight, check this out:

In-Office Procedures

In most cases, teeth whitening procedures that are done at the dentist’s office involves filling custom-made trays with a special bleaching solution before fitting them firmly over the patient’s teeth. Since this is performed under the supervision of a qualified dental professional, the bleaching solution that’s used in this procedure is much stronger than those that are in at-home kits. Moreover, since the dentist recommends the entire procedure to be done at the dental office, he may speed everything up by using a light or heat source. However, it’s possible to get your teeth fitted for those custom-made teeth whitening trays that can also be used at your home.

At-Home Products

Although you can find a wide range of choices for teeth whitening products, whitening rinses are the ones that are easy to use. For best results, you’ll need to swirl the solution around your mouth so that the bleach can come in contact with your teeth. Another option would be the use of teeth whitening toothpaste which contains ingredients that can get rid of surface stains. However, this type of product may cause other people to experience tooth sensitivity. Furthermore, teeth whitening gel strips can also be placed on the teeth for up to 2 hours once a day. It’s important to note that some individuals may need to wear the strips for 10-20 days.

where is the best jacksonville fl teeth whitening?

Which is the Best Jacksonville FL Teeth Whitening Solution?

In-office Jacksonville FL teeth whitening procedures work best for those who have sensitive gums because the trays that are used are custom-made to prevent gum irritation. It can also whiten your teeth faster than at-home kits because it uses a stronger bleaching solution. If you want a whiter smile, call Schumacher Dental to schedule an appointment.