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where is the best dentist jacksonville florida?
Dentist Jacksonville Florida | Jaw-Dropping Facts About TMD

Everything in your life was normal until your jaw joints begin to make a clicking sound whenever you close or open your mouth. Worse, they may even feel ‘stuck’ sometimes. If your normally functioning jaw joints start to exhibit any of these symptoms, you’ll need to see your dentist Jacksonville Florida as soon as you can.

What is TMD?

The joints that connect your lower jawbone to the temporal bone of your skull are called your TMJ (temporomandibular joints). These can be found immediately in front of your ears. When a person has TMD (temporomandibular disorder), it means that he has problems with the muscle, ligaments, bone, and the surrounding tissues of your TMJ. Essentially, TMD refers to a group of conditions that lead to pain and dysfunction in your jaw.

What are the Symptoms of TMD?

Although the signs and symptoms for TMD can vary, these may include TMJs that lock open or closed, migraines and headaches, weird popping, clicking or grating sounds coming from your TMJ every time you open or close your mouth, condylar degeneration, toothache, cartilage degeneration in the TMJ space, sinus pain, muscle aches on your shoulders neck as well as damaged, cracked, broken, and badly worn teeth.

How Many People Have TMD?

According to research, 9 to 13% of the United States population is suffering from various TMD-related facial pain. It mostly affects women and it usually develops during the teen years and peaks when a person is 20 to 40 years of age. Although some people claim that they’ve ‘grown out of’ TMD symptoms when they were in their 40’s, it can last for a whole lifetime.

where is the best dentist jacksonville florida?

Your Dentist Jacksonville Florida Can Help You

Know that the longer your symptoms are present, the longer it may take for your condition to improve. If you’re struggling with TMD, know that your dentist Jacksonville Florida can help you. Contact Schumacher Dental today to set up an appointment.

where is the best invisalign jupiter?
Invisalign Jupiter | The Awesome Benefits of Invisalign

Not everyone is blessed with healthy and perfectly aligned teeth. If you’re saddled with crowded, crooked or overlapping teeth, you’ll have to live with this gloom every single day of your life – unless you get them straightened with Invisalign Jupiter.

What Invisalign Can Do for You

Since Invisalign Jupiter is clear and almost invisible, it’s a smart choice for those who want their teeth straightened without feeling embarrassed about having metal braces. If food restrictions associated with teeth straightening treatments aren’t your thing, you’ll be glad to know that with Invisalign Jupiter, you can eat whatever you want. Just remove the trays before eating and place them back in after you enjoy your favorite hard, chewy or sticky foods.

Benefits of Invisalign

Furthermore, oral hygiene is much easier with Invisalign Jupiter compared to other options. Since these clear aligners are removable, you can brush them down, and brush and floss as normal before you replace the aligners. Plus, these devices are known for their flexibility so you can have the freedom to play sports with or without them. You can even play a musical instrument without taking them off.

Low Maintenance

Aside from the fact that they’re designed for your comfort and convenience, you don’t have to keep going back to the dentist have them adjusted because they only need to be maintained every 6 weeks. Lastly, since we live in a very self-conscious society where looking fabulous is a must, Invisalign Jupiter can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

where is the best invisalign jupiter?

Looking for Information About Invisalign Jupiter?

With Invisalign Jupiter, it’s only a matter of time before you can flaunt a mouthful of beautifully straightened pearly whites. If you want to know more about it, contact Schumacher Dental today to schedule a consultation.

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Affordable Dentist in Jacksonville FL | How is Sleep Apnea Treated?

Did you know that one of the primary reasons why you’re struggling with sleeplessness may be due to oral health? These airway obstructions are caused by the muscles in the back part of the throat that become flaccid while sleeping, a tongue that may be too large, or a jaw that may be too small. Let’s learn more about your affordable dentist in Jacksonville FL!


The Exam 

The first sign that your dentist looks for is worn or broken tooth surfaces because it indicates tooth grinding while sleeping. Consistent tooth grinding can cause your teeth to wear down and produces gum inflammation.

Furthermore, other signs of this condition could be a tongue with scalloped edges, redness in the throat from snoring a lot, or a small jaw. So, if you are experiencing any of these signs visit our office right away.



While some people resort to CPAP machines to get a restful night’s sleep, it’s not ideal for everyone. Others aren’t comfortable with the masks or have trouble sleeping even with the quietest CPAP machines. Mandibular advancement devices are the mechanism of choice because it is quiet and portable as you sleep.


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Are You Looking for an Affordable Dentist in Jacksonville FL?

We provide you with the best treatment to alleviate your sleep apnea. They’re made to fit your mouth perfectly and specially fitted only at Schumacher Dental. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to learn more!

where is the best one day crowns jacksonville?
One Day Crowns Jacksonville | FAQs About One Day Crowns

As you were eating popcorn while binge-watching your favorite series, you suddenly felt your tooth chip. Perhaps you felt pain at the same time that you felt that gritty piece of the tooth inside your mouth. If this scenario happened several decades ago, you would’ve already been worried about the month-long wait that’s involved in getting a new crown for your chipped tooth. Luckily, modern dentistry makes One Day Crowns Jacksonville possible. If you don’t know much about them, check this out:

What Are One Day Crowns?

These are porcelain caps that perfectly fit over your damaged or flawed teeth. Each crown encases the affected tooth right to the gum line. Normally, the whole porcelain dental crown process takes about two appointments. With One Day Crowns Jacksonville, you’ll only need to see your dentist once. In fact, your crowns will be prepared while you wait. It’s important to note that not all dentists have the right training and equipment to create One Day Crowns Jacksonville.

When Does the Dentist Prescribe Them?

Aside from repairing cracked or chipped teeth, One Day Crowns Jacksonville are prescribed to reinforce weak teeth, hold dental bridges in position, and to improve the appearance of teeth.

How Are They Made? 

As mentioned earlier, the traditional process of creating a porcelain crown in a dental lab would take at least two weeks to complete. Thanks to modern technology, a milling machine can now fashion your One Day Crowns Jacksonville from a block of resin or ceramic utilizing the detailed instructions from the CAD/CAM software.

What Are the Benefits of One Day Crowns?

Since you’ll only need to visit your dentist once to have them fitted, created, and installed, One Day Crowns Jacksonville offer convenience compared to traditional crowns. This would also mean that you won’t have to take extra time off work. Compared to traditional porcelain fused to metal crowns that make black lines that run along the gum line visible to the naked eye, One Day Crowns Jacksonville offer more aesthetic value. Furthermore, they don’t require the use of a dental putty which some patients find extremely uncomfortable.

where are the best one day crowns jacksonville?

Looking for One Day Crowns Jacksonville?

Do you want to know if One Day Crowns Jacksonville is right for you? Call Schumacher Dental to schedule your appointment.

where is the best tooth crown Jacksonville?
Tooth Crown Jacksonville | What are the Different Types of Dental Crowns?

Did you know that a tooth crown Jacksonville comes in more than one form? We’re talking about this fixed prosthetic device that’s cemented directly onto an individual’s existing teeth or implant. Aside from the fact that Dental crowns help improve your smile, they also protect weak teeth that have suffered decay or breakage restore broken teeth, support teeth that have large fillings, cover teeth discoloration, set dental bridges in place, and cover dental implants. Since it can be used in various ways, it’s important to know and understand its different types as well as the functions they serve.

Base Metal Alloys

This tooth crown Jacksonville is made up of non-noble metals that are highly resistant to corrosion but are extremely gentle against the neighboring teeth. It requires the removal of only a minimum amount of tooth structure prior to fitting.

Gold Alloys

This type of tooth crown Jacksonville has a combination of gold, copper, and other metals. Compared to the other types, this one doesn’t fracture and it won’t wear away its underlying tooth. In case you’re wondering, gold alloys are completely biocompatible with your gum tissue.

Porcelain-Fused to Metal

Do you want to have a natural-looking tooth crown Jacksonville that can last for a very long time? If your answer is a resounding, “YES!”, then consider getting porcelain-fused to metal dental crowns. You can have the best of both worlds with this type because its porcelain part makes it look like a natural tooth while its metal structure makes it ultra-durable. In order to properly apply this prosthetic device, your dental health provider must remove a moderate amount of your tooth structure.


When you need to have your front teeth restored, your best option would be ceramic, porcelain-based tooth crowns. They blend well with your natural teeth because of their natural texture and color. They can even be given a hint of color to perfectly match your remaining teeth. Since ceramic can eventually become brittle when it’s exposed to heavy biting forces, note that this type isn’t recommended for pre-molars and molars.

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Tooth Crown Jacksonville – Learn More About It!

If you need more information about getting a tooth crown Jacksonville, contact Schumacher Dental to schedule a consultation with us!